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Friday, February 25, 2011

I love you in every single way~

aku terbaca poem that i've posted long time ago and decided to re-post it again..haha...this poem is so sweet and suitable for all lovers out there or someone who is in love with someone tapi belum ada keberanian nak luahkan lagi...yang ni bukan hasil aku ye...I forgot where I copy this poem..emm...hehe...lagipun otak aku ni x dpt nak hasilkan something camni...terlalu cintan...but this poem betol-betol cun dgn pe aku rasa skrg ni...This one aku nak dedicate kepada si dia...hehe...and also you guys~~love you guys...mmuuaahhh~

"I love you in every single way"

The way you breath makes me calm
The way you speak makes me warm
The way you see right through me
You make me the girl that I want to be

The way you hold me, I could never feel cold
The way you are, how my heart got sold
The way your nose moves when you speak
The way your eyes looks at me makes me weak

The way you smell, your perfume
It is like to be in Heaven, I assume
The way you taste, better than any chocolate
The way we fit together, it must be fate

The way you kiss me like I want to be kissed
All our moments that forever will be missed
Your humour makes me smile my happiest smile
The way we go together as well as our style

The way your solarium colour meets my pure white skin
The way we both fight for our love to win
Your honesty makes me believe in everything you say
The way you drive your car when we are on our way

The way you smile makes me want to kiss you
The way I am when I am with you, I could never be blue
The way you stole my heart and kept it
The way we belong to each other, we fit

All the things we do when the light goes out
The sweet words that comes out of your mouth
The way we make love all through the night
The way you pleasure me and hold me tight

All these things I love about you
But most the way you love me too
'I love you' is all I want you to say
We are perfect in every way

I love you in every way

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