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Sunday, May 15, 2011

===Stalker?=== I know what u r doing.....


Hari ni aku nak share satu lagu yang bagi aku cute tol....hahha...lirik n music dy...well...i guess this song is about a girl who is so obsess with a guy a.k.a stalker~hahahha...when I listened to this song, aku terfikir gak...adakah chenta leh wat seseorg jd terlalu obses?huhu....for me its kinda sweet but in a creepy kind of way~huhu..bygkan org lelaki ikot kemana-mana kite g n taw pe kite wat wlpun kite x gtaw dy~huhu...kalau perempuan wat camtu ag la dahsyat haha...kalau la aku ada stalker ntah camne la aku nak handle ek....hahaha..

Rasa2nye ada la kwn aku ni...dy dr pakistan...same "u"...kdg2 time chat dgn dy in fb, he sometimes said things that creep me out...he remember my clothes i m wearing...the colour of my hijabs..where he saw me....and even which row of seat I used to seat with my friends in lecture..huhu..sedangkan I was not that close with him..if jumpe aku just senyum then blah haha xde topic even for small talk...sometimes aku ni agak poyo or kOya kit with strangers or org yg aku x rapat tp kenal...haha...but lama2 aku dah x kisah ag ttg tu...coz maybe he have a good memory?hahah....agpun I don't think he's obsess with me...kalau aku ni cun mcm model runaway leh la aku fkr camtu tp maklum la, anyway...i think some stalker ni ok la...but some to bahaya tahap maksimum n if u faces this kind of situation that can threat ur life, g la laporkan kat polis for now, just enjoy video clip yg aku share tu cute~~ ^^...

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