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Monday, February 27, 2012

BSTS annual dinner 2012


This year aku sempat attend my company annual feelings that time was kinda nervous, happy, excited and ntah pe ag...kire my 1st annual dinner haha..committed tol time tu.

However, I feel that the theme was kinda lame.."fancy hat"...hohoho...nape la x fkr wat theme len...mayb masquerade ke..elegant gak..huhu..other choices that dyorg gave to us time tu are black & Red theme or Hawaii theme...@_@...I didn't agree with the Black & Red theme coz aku dah beli dress warna purple (my fav colour)...and the Hawaii theme aku reject coz ermmm x best langsung..x sesuai la (dlm nada gediks)..hehe..

Aku spend 4 hours kat shopping mall after office hour just to find hat that fit with my looks..Org yg bertudung ng agak susah nak pulled off looks yg bertopi ng..huhu...time tu tension gak..huhu sampai aku g google style2 tudung yg leh match dgn topi..

Finally aku decide utk cari klip yg ada topi cute tu..huhu...

That night was so fun..mcm2 games and activities...aku siap menang for one of the dance games..haha..x sangka minah bertudung leh menang dlm game menari..haha dah la aku x pernah menari dpn public...hehe..ntah nape aku jd "x taw malu" mlm tu hahaha...

anyway...meh aku share pic2 mlm tu...

~The End~

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