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Monday, February 27, 2012

Managing Money


Its been such a long time since my last blog...It have been a very busy year for me..=(...ntah nape there's lots of people wanna do their safety course in the early year... aku dah ade keta sendiri..Naza Suria (second hand je..=)..)

Cun x?hehe...but since i now already have a car...i think i really need to budget...huhu..its a huge responsibility to own a car huhu...nak bayar loan bulanan..minyak kete...service...bla bla bla..haih~

This month mmg merana rasa coz my $$ kureng...huhu..I even have to thicken my face to ask my mum and dad to buy fuel for my car..arghhh...

Bila fikir bout the word "MONEY" & "EXPENSES" mmg wat aku stress je..coz...
a)I don't know how to save my money (big spender)
b) I m gonna use lots of money for my convo in April
c) My salary is not that high (not according to degree level)

I feel like its too late for me to learn to save my money from disappearing..Aku dah keje for 6 months but xde pom aku save any money dlm bank aku..stiap kali save, mesti aku withdraw duit aku after tu..hurmm. sometimes i don't even know what i spend all this time..@_@

To all fresh graduates yg baru masuk ke alam pekerjaan, i advice you to start saving your money from the 1st salary you get..huhu kalau x menyesal nanti..hehe..mcm aku skrg...but it is never too late to change..still have hope...=)...all I need now is a strong determination...learn from my previous i right?..=)

P/S: Now i m still at office..nak collect duit O/T haha...=P

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