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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Love poem

hey guys..I m feeling kinda emo right now..hehhe..just kidding..but this is to all my friends that are totally in love with someone..kira2 head over heels la...just layan this poem k..n don't worry it is not written by me but by someone else..kira i buat plagirism la ni..hehhe..shuush~~..don't tell anyone k..(^~)..hehhe..To tell you the truth..I m not into this lovey dovey thingy but this is just for what the heck right?..^^ again, hope you guys can feel it and enjoy reading it...

"I love you in every single way"

The way you breath makes me calm
The way you speak makes me warm
The way you see right through me
You make me the girl that I want to be

The way you hold me, I could never feel cold
The way you are, how my heart got sold
The way your nose moves when you speak
The way your eyes looks at me makes me weak

The way you smell, your perfume
It is like to be in Heaven, I assume
The way you taste, better than any chocolate
The way we fit together, it must be fate

The way you kiss me like I want to be kissed
All our moments that forever will be missed
Your humour makes me smile my happiest smile
The way we go together as well as our style

The way your solarium colour meets my pure white skin
The way we both fight for our love to win
Your honesty makes me believe in everything you say
The way you drive your car when we are on our way

The way you smile makes me want to kiss you
The way I am when I am with you, I could never be blue
The way you stole my heart and kept it
The way we belong to each other, we fit

All the things we do when the light goes out
The sweet words that comes out of your mouth
The way we make love all through the night
The way you pleasure me and hold me tight

All these things I love about you
But most the way you love me too
'I love you' is all I want you to say
We are perfect in every way

I love you in every way

Friday, August 21, 2009


I would like to take this chance to greet all my muslim friends a happy ramadhan...berpuasa tau jgn tak puasa..hehe...anyway..talking bout ramadhan, I think this the time to keep things low..I mean like stop mengumpat or gosip2...jgn la terlalu seksi..and bla bla bla..hmm...i hope that this year i m able to finish my ramadhan....

owh...2moro the pasar bazaar in Miri will be officially open..wahhhh...just imagine all the foods and drinks..huhu..dugaan....but luckly the haze in miri is getting better so ok la for muslim utk berpuasa..if not just imagine the bau asap, hot weather...and all the smoke...almost making me blind bah last few weeks..hehe not really la bt it was guys can see the pic in my friends gurl i help you to promote oo~)...

I really hairan la why everytime puasa, there's lot of this rancangan memasak...huhu..memang dugaan la..hmmm luckly i still can thats all guys...adios..peace~

Thursday, August 20, 2009

C.R.U.S.H, L.O.V.E or L.U.S.T???

well guys, i m kinda confuse how do you differentiate between crush, love and also lust..hmmm..some people say they are totally in love but how do they know its really love that they are feeling and not only small crush or even lust towards that guy or girl??!!...I once thought that I m in Love but after few month with that guy, I just realize that I m not that in love with him and as you guys know its not easy to break with someone..easier said than done...huhu...I m feeling kinda quilty but life must go on...It's better to tell the truth then becoming hypocrite...aight??...maybe this thing depends on the individuals..only they knows what they are feeling but think carefully and invistigate 1st before you announce that you are head over heels on some guys or avoid any diffulties la..^^

DIY shoes

HAHAHA..this is my 1st creation...chewah...well at 1st my shoes have this fury2 balls but i cabut it coz my shoes look like badut bah...huhu..then after i cabut left scars oo~..the bekas glue using my creative and cutez brain i design my shoes using buttons...The cost of doing this is RM7...and I bought the buttons at e-mart but not the supermarket but there's one shop near the's ok la...i anyone interested in designing your old shoes..just holler at me..hehhe...

New DeliFrance in Curtin

This is da hall(above)..thats the first time i take a peek in this place..huhu...well im not sure what the function but i guess one of it is playing badminton..hehhe

but its kinda empty as u guys can see from the pictures...there's only few tables, chairs, one LCD tv which i don't know when they going to switch it on..^^..

the distance from the counter and the tables is also quite far eh....huhu...before we add calories we have to lose some 1st..haih~...thats ok i will sacrifice as long as i can eat yummy food..

The price is ok la for students...there's 2 is for students and another one is for non-students..but I hope its worthed..^^for me i only hope that i kenyang berbaloi la byr with that price..

That picture(above) shows the entrance door to balloon bah..huhu...or badut ka?heheh..just kidding....

wahhh...there's a DeliFrance opening in Curtin... but i hope curtin can build roof or something bah coz the distance from LTBS and the Deli is quiet far too and ayooo panas bah during this time or too wet..hehe..thats ok..i m trying to think positive here..hmm...i think its great to become tan..hehhe...hitam tu manis..hehhe and if wet then i don't need to mandi la..heheh

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Friends or "friends"???

OMG!!!...It's really annoying when friends treat you like more than friends..I m takling bout male friends..haih~...Is there something wrong with there brain until they can't differentiate between just friends and lover??..

I m okey with manja2 joke like calling sayang or something but if it is more than that like want a kiss or smething very 18SG..then its better if i don't have a friend like that...sometimes i m quiet bored when I m chatting in my YM whereby this group of 'guys' are sooooo gatal...huhuhu..baru je chat already talk all bout the rubbish things like sex or something..

Owh ya..there's one guy that ask me to find him a scandal in my campus!!!!..What da!!!!..ingat i m mak ayam ka?..haih~..after that i go and marah that guy by saying that if he want to find scandal he find at the tepi jalan...hmm....I think i wanna block that guy la nad also other gatal2 guys in my YM...thats all..peace..Chow~
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