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Thursday, August 20, 2009

New DeliFrance in Curtin

This is da hall(above)..thats the first time i take a peek in this place..huhu...well im not sure what the function but i guess one of it is playing badminton..hehhe

but its kinda empty as u guys can see from the pictures...there's only few tables, chairs, one LCD tv which i don't know when they going to switch it on..^^..

the distance from the counter and the tables is also quite far eh....huhu...before we add calories we have to lose some 1st..haih~...thats ok i will sacrifice as long as i can eat yummy food..

The price is ok la for students...there's 2 is for students and another one is for non-students..but I hope its worthed..^^for me i only hope that i kenyang berbaloi la byr with that price..

That picture(above) shows the entrance door to balloon bah..huhu...or badut ka?heheh..just kidding....

wahhh...there's a DeliFrance opening in Curtin... but i hope curtin can build roof or something bah coz the distance from LTBS and the Deli is quiet far too and ayooo panas bah during this time or too wet..hehe..thats ok..i m trying to think positive here..hmm...i think its great to become tan..hehhe...hitam tu manis..hehhe and if wet then i don't need to mandi la..heheh

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